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Warm your hands and/or feet when it’s cold outside with these reusable warmers. Pop them in your pockets, gloves or socks to keep away those winter chills.


Fabric – soft, warm anti-pil polar fleece – 100% polyester

Filling – dried rice

Size – 105mm x 85mm (approx).

Weight – 70g (each)

How to Use Your Hand-Warmers

Place the hand-warmers in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Make sure they are not too hot before handling. Allow to cool before re-heating.

Please note: These are guidelines only. Heating times will vary depending on your microwave power.

Caring for Your Hand-Warmers

Spot-clean with a damp washcloth. Avoid getting the warmers too wet as this will ruin the dried rice filling.


Fabric – I use recycled fabrics whenever possible.

Contents – All the contents are plant-based and are compostable.

Packaging – The postal envelope is recyclable and biodegradable. Labels can be recycled.

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