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How can reflexology help to maintain your bone health?

A bright and blustery Sunday so I thought I'd get some fresh air and take myself off for a brisk walk. My phone helpfully tells me that I've walked 3.6 miles. Walking always makes me feel rejuvenated, especially when I can get out into the countryside. It does me good on so many levels - reduces stress, lifts my mood and is good for my bones!

Following a bone density scan a while ago I was told that my T-Score was at the lower end of normal. Nothing to worry about apparently, but to avoid osteopenia and osteoporosis, I need to look after my bone health. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking, running and playing sports go a long way to keeping our bones in good shape. Including plenty of calcium in your diet is also very important. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb the calcium, so by getting out in the sunshine for your exercise, as I did today, you've had a double helping of bone nourishment.

So, how can reflexology help to maintain your bone health?

Reflexology increases blood and lymphatic circulation. Our bones need a good blood supply, and lymph flow removes waste and reduces inflammation. By working the reflexes of the digestive system we can also improve the processing efficiency of the vitamins and minerals required from our food. Unfortunately, reflexology will not get rid of osteoporosis, but used alongside healthy diet and plenty of exercise, it can help to keep your bone health in good shape and prevent further problems in the future.

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