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What are your feet saying about you?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Woman's feet with painted red toenails
Let your feet do the talking

Reflexology is a therapy traditionally practiced on the feet, but as you relax back to enjoy your treatment, what are your feet saying about you?

Observation is an important initial part of any reflexology session. Interpreting the appearance of the feet gives clues about the overall health of our clients. For instance, dry skin could link to dehydration or a hormonal imbalance. The colour is also important to note as red feet may indicate hypertension, or pale, cold feet could mean poor circulation. Your life history is carried on your feet just as your feet carry you. They tell your story in their structure, texture and colour.

Foot reading can take many forms, like the clinical observations I have mentioned. But did you know that your feet can also reveal characteristics and nuances of your personality? Foot reading origins are vague with many folklore and cultural interpretations around the world, from Chinese, Hindu to Greek and Native American. The art of ‘solestry’ can be part of a reflexologist’s toolkit or practiced independently.

How can your feet say so much about you?

The right foot has a male energy influence and represents the past; the left, a female energy influence representing the present. Foot reading is not about predicting the future so I'm afraid it can't help with your lottery numbers! Each toe and area of the foot are packed with meaning relating to thoughts, emotions, your sense of security and how you relate to others. The structure of the feet relay many clues to the characteristics of their owner. Draw a line from your little toe to big toe. A toe protruding beyond this line or falling short points to various personality traits depending on the toe out of line; e.g. if your second toe is prominent, this indicates strong leadership qualities and all the toes in line denotes a methodical person. Foot shape such as a wide foot defines a hard worker, a narrow foot means the person has a love of beauty. A high arch is an indicator of an independent person who finds it hard to accept help from others. Conversely, a flat foot is more likely to be seen on someone who prefers the company and support of others.

Personality patterns of the elements

The elements - Earth Water Fire Air

Another method of foot reading is based on the elements: Earth (heel), Water (instep), Fire (ball of the foot), Air (toes).

  • Earth – stability, support, security, steadiness, common sense

  • Water – represents our feelings, love, anger, sensitivity, emotions, communication

  • Fire – inspiration, leadership, self-confidence, energy, joy of life, belief, trust

  • Air – intelligence, perception, criticism, ideas, creativity, expression

Whichever method is used, the reader will look for direction from lines, hard and soft skin, discolouration and blemishes etc. and relate this to the area of the foot they appear.

Your feet speak a fascinating language, telling your story and giving insight into your personality that you may even be unaware of. Louise Hay in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ says, “Our feet represent our understanding – of ourselves, of life, of others.”

Please note: If you have concerns about your foot health, see a registered chiropodist, podiatrist or GP.

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