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Top Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Woman drinking a glass of water
Stay hydrated!

“How much water do you drink daily?”

As part of their consultation, I ask my clients this question as it can be a factor in their overall health. I also advise drinking water post treatment, as this aids the body in processing the therapeutic effects of reflexology.

Everyone knows we need water to survive but even mild dehydration can impact on our physical and mental health. It can sometimes feel like a chore to drink enough, especially when we are busy, so think of it as a nutrient that your body needs. The NHS recommends 6-8 cups/glasses of fluid per day but this can include tea, coffee and other low-sugar drinks. An adult human is 60% water and we lose fluid continuously from evaporation, breathing, and bodily waste. Fluid loss is heightened in warmer weather, during strenuous exercise and in older adults whose sense of thirst may be reduced. It is essential to replace this water to maintain good health.

Jug of water flavoured with lemons
Water needn't be plain

8 benefits of drinking water

  1. Skin – Dehydrated skin can be flaky, dry and tight with less elasticity. Drinking more water keeps skin looking younger, fresher and healthy.

  2. Headaches – Dehydration is a common cause of headaches and migraines.

  3. Mental Energy – Dehydration affects cognitive performance and negatively impacts our memory, mood and heightens anxiety.

  4. Physical Energy – Water (sweat) keeps you cool as you exercise. Dehydrated cells can result in muscle fatigue, loss of physical performance and longer recovery times.

  5. Kidney Health – Water helps the kidneys to cleanse the body of toxins and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

  6. Lubricates Joints – Joint cartilage which consists of ˃70% water and synovial fluid cushion the joints. Dehydration leads to less lubrication and the development of pain.

  7. Digestion – Water keeps the food moving and if the body is dehydrated this movement slows, causing pain and constipation. Lack of water may also lead to acid reflux, stomach ulcers, bloating and bad breath.

  8. Weight Loss – Drinking water before meals makes you feel fuller so you eat less.

Slices of water melon
Melons are mostly water!

Lack of time and motivation can thwart our good intentions to stay hydrated. Why not set a reminder on your phone and keep a water bottle with you? Drink a glass of water before each meal or at set times that fit in with your working day. If you dislike the taste of plain water then adding a flavour may help you to drink more.

Don’t forget, there are also many foods that have a high water content such as melon and tomatoes.

However you stay hydrated, better health is sure to be your reward.


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