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Help is at hand for colds & flu

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Woman sneezing

We are in the midst of cold and flu season and if you succumb, life can be miserable for a week or two. With a cold we tend to bravely carry on and arm ourselves with ‘over the counter’ meds. Flu, being more severe, can floor us entirely; and of course, how could we forget our nasty new friend Covid! Each virus shares common symptoms of congestion, sinus pressure, sneezing and runny nose, cough, sore throat and headache. Anything that can help to relieve these symptoms has to be a positive, so why not give yourself a helping hand - literally!

While it can never claim to be a cure, reflexology is a therapy used to promote healing in the body. Hand reflexology is an effective self-help practice and I often give this type of guidance to my clients, as it can extend the benefits they experience between their sessions. Reflexology is most commonly practiced on the feet but work to the hands is just as effective as they have all the same reflex points.

Hand marked with reflexology points to aid cold and flu symptoms
Reflex points on the hand to aid cold and flu symptoms

Referring to the areas marked in the photo, it’s easy to give yourself a mini reflexology treatment if you are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms. Spend a few moments working the reflexes on each hand and repeat as often as you can throughout the day.

Diaphragm – work along the line just below the knuckle bones. Use the thumb in a caterpillar walking motion.

Lung – deep rotations across the area using the thumb or knuckle of the index finger.

Sinuses - grip each finger and work along it pressing into the reflex as marked.

Head – pinch each fingertip and rotate over the area with the thumb.

Throat – thumb-walking method as used for the diaphragm. You can also rotate into the reflex using the thumb or fingers.

Nose – the reflex is located below the thumbnail. Press and rotate.

I have also made a number of guided self-help videos using hand reflexology techniques. They include sequences for insomnia and poor sleep, the immune system, hayfever and allergies and stress and anxiety. The videos are available to view for free HERE

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